Christophe Josse

After studying art history, Christophe Josse joined the Torrente fashion house where he worked for almost 15 years.

In July 2005, he presented his first eponymous couture collection and the following year he created his own house.

After becoming a permanent member of the French Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in 2011, Christophe Josse earned the title Haute Couture. He then broadened his brand with a ready-to-wear line.

By creating an aesthetic of fragile elegance, both floating and sensuous, he invented a form of subtle, but dynamic and contemporary, neoclassicism.

The studied simplicity, the segmented construction of the garments, the skeletal-like ribbing, spidery pleating and contrasting fabrics help to define his style, creating an ultra-feminine and romantic silhouette.